Bonnie Plants Emerald Towers Basil 25 oz.
Bonnie Plants Basil garden
Bonnie Plants Basil garden
Bonnie Plants Basil caprese flatbread
Bonnie Plants Basil caprese salad
Bonnie Plants Basil pasta sauce sugo
Bonnie Plants Basil pesto pasta
Bonnie Plants Basil pesto bruscetta
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Bonnie Plants Emerald Towers Basil 25 oz.

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With Bonnie Plants Emerald Towers Basil, be ready for a summer filled with fresh bruschetta, pasta sauce (sugo), and a winter’s worth of perfect pesto! Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil extends your harvest, producing for 10 to 12 weeks more than traditional basil with the same, great flavor you love. This columnar, upright variety makes a perfect addition to smaller spaces like patio and balcony containers, but it also grows beautifully in-ground and in raised beds. A heat-tolerant variety, your basil will taste great even in the midst of a scorching summer. Its long growing season ensures you’ll have plenty of delicious, flavorful basil for caprese salad, cocktails or mocktails, and all of your favorite summer meals.

  • Type Warm season annual
  • Planting time After last spring frost
  • Features Large leaves with intense flavor and a wonderful aroma
  • Light Full sun
  • Soil Fertile, well-drained but moist
  • Spacing 15 to 18 inches apart
  • Plant size 24 to 30 inches tall, 16 inches wide
  • Garden use Containers, herb beds, flower beds
  • Culinary use Italian and Asian dishes

A woody, branching plant, basil is a warm-weather annual that grows very fast in 80- to 90-degree weather. When growing basil, note that two or three plants will yield plenty of fresh leaves for a family of four — unless you plan to make pesto. (To make and freeze a winter’s supply of pesto, plant a dozen or more.) Many gardeners mix various types of basil in their flower beds, where it is ready for a quick harvest anytime. It is also great for containers.

Quick Guide to Growing Basil

  • Plant basil 2 weeks after the last spring frost. This flavorful herb is perfect for raised garden beds, containers, and in-ground gardens.
  • Space basil according to label recommendations, usually 12 to 18 inches apart. Grow in fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. Consider a premium bagged potting mix for growing in containers.
  • Give your garden a great foundation by mixing in several inches of aged compost or other rich organic matter into your native soil.
  • Basil thrives in moist soil, so check moisture levels often and water deeply once the top inch becomes dry.
  • As basil plants grow to 4 to 6 inches tall, pinch off the topmost branches to promote more side shoots and a taller plant overall. Be sure to pinch off blooms to prevent your plant from going to seed.
  • Encourage excellent leaf production by keeping basil fed with a water-soluble plant food.
  • Once basil grows to 6 to 8 inches, harvest leaves anytime by pinching them off.