Bonnie Plants Green Peas 19.3 oz
Bonnie Plants Green Peas 19.3 oz
Bonnie Plants Green Peas 19.3 oz
Bonnie Plants Green Peas snap
Bonnie Plants Green Peas trellis
Bonnie Plants Green Peas pods
Bonnie Plants Green Peas health benefits
Bonnie Plants Green Peas shelled
Bonnie Plants Green Peas stir fried
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Bonnie Plants Green Peas 19.3 oz

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Bonnie Plants sugar snap-style green peas can be shelled, picked young & flat to eat as snow peas, or filled out to eat pods with peas inside like a snap pea. Winner of the All-America Selections award.

Try it raw, boiled, or stir-fried. The vines are very compact and will be okay without support but may be easier to pick if you let them climb on sticks or on a short trellis. The short, bushy plant is perfect for containers, and in fact was bred with that in mind. Pick pods before they get too big. Good disease tolerance. Well adapted throughout the US.

  • Light Full sun
  • Pod size 2 1/2 inches
  • Matures 52 days
  • Plant spacing 5 inches apart
There are many reasons for growing green peas. Mouthwatering and tender, homegrown peas are flawless, gracing your meal with vibrant color and delicious flavor. Traditional English peas have sweet, round, green peas inside a pod; you shell the peas and throw away the pod. Another type of pea is the snow pea, the crunchy, flat, sweet pod of Chinese cuisine that is eaten whole; the peas inside are not allowed to get big. However, one pea combines the sweet contents of English peas with the crispy outer pod, or shell, of snow peas. They are called snap-style green peas, and you can eat the whole thing, pod and all, cooked or raw.
To use them as snow peas, harvest really young (before pods fill out); to use them like English peas, let the peas inside get big and then shell them; to eat them as snap peas just crunch down on the whole thing at any stage of growth, and snap! The peas and the pod fill your mouth with a sweet crunch. Snap-style green peas, also called edible podded peas, are the only pea one needs to grow because they are all in one. They also pack a nutritious punch with plenty of iron and vitamin C in every bite. Snap-style Green Pea plants bear small plump pods of round peas on very compact vines.

Quick Guide to Growing Peas

  • Plant peas during the mild weather of early spring, once soil temperatures reach 45° F.
  • Space young pea plants 5 inches apart in an area with an abundance of sunshine and fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Improve your native soil by mixing in several inches of aged compost or other rich organic matter.
  • Before planting, stake a tomato cage or trellis in the ground to make harvesting pods easier.
  • Lay down a 2-inch layer of straw or dried grass clippings to help retain soil moisture and prevent weeds.
  • Ensure your pea plants grow to be strong and vigorous by feeding them regularly with a continuous-release plant food.
  • For snap-style peas, harvest when pods begin to flatten.