La Colombe Hojicha Green Tea
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Traditional Japanese tea ceremony with La Colombe Hojicha Green Tea
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La Colombe Hojicha Organic Green Tea

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La Colombe Hojicha Organic Green Tea is made from Shizouka Japan’s renowned, autumn and winter harvests to give it the warm flavor of toasted barley, sesame, and the perfect smidge of caramel sweetness.

50 Satchets per box - Each satchet makes two (2) cups of tea. 

PROVEN benefits from drinking Green Tea :

Loaded with nutrients to fight cancer
Fights bad breath and reduces plaque
Stable energy without the jitters
Works against high blood pressure and hypertension
Lowers cholesterol and improves weight loss
Fights Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease (how? theorized reduces plaque in the brain)
Increases your LIFESPAN - makes you live longer!
(while the results of a 40,000 person study are still not conclusive nor is it understood how or why green tea, or only green tea, has this affect to make you live longer, the simple fact is Japanese people drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea, in one form or another, every day and they live much longer healthier lives in Japan... when similar Japanese people leave Japan and stop drinking as much green tea, they assume the average life expectancy of their new locale)

*Includes 50 Hojicha Organic Green Tea Sachets - 100 Steeps

TASTING NOTES: Roasted Barley, Sesame, Caramel

ELEVATION: 275-350 m
HARVEST SEASON: May - September 2016


Our tea is meant to be enjoyed again and again. Resteep these sachets to reveal complex flavors in the 2nd cup.

1 sachet per 8oz water heated to 180°F
First Steep: 4 minutes
Second Steep: 5 minutes

INGREDIENTS: Organic Green Tea

*Contains Caffeine