Rishi Ruby Oolong Tea - loose
Rishi Ruby Oolong Tea satchet and cup
Rishi Ruby Oolong Tea - loose and cup
Rishi Ruby Oolong Tea tasting notes
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Rishi Ruby Oolong Organic Tea

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Rishi Ruby Oolong Organic Tea is an organic, smooth and soothing oolong tea, slowly baked to express all the delicious flavor and notes of cedar and tart sweet pear.

35 Satchets per box - Each satchet makes two (2) cups of tea. 

Packaged without foil over wraps as bulk 35-count satchets in a Ziploc-type resealable bag.   Double-Dose sachets are filled with an average of 5 grams of tea per sachet, double what others put into their satchets.

TASTING NOTES: Baked Pear, Soothing, Cedar
REGION: Thailand
HARVEST SEASON: October 2015
WEIGHT: 100 grams

*Includes 50 Herbal Tisane Sachets - 100 Steeps


Our tea is meant to be enjoyed again and again. Resteep these sachets to reveal complex flavors in the 2nd cup.

1 sachet per 8oz water heated to 212°F
First Steep: 5 minutes
Second Steep: 6 minutes

INGREDIENTS: Organic Oolong Tea (Thailand)

*Contains Caffeine