PureSpray Green Horticultural Insecticide & Fungicide Spray Oil
PureSpray Green Horticultural Insecticide & Fungicide Spray Oil 2.5gal

PureSpray Green Horticultural Insecticide & Fungicide Spray Oil 2.5gal

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For broad spectrum pest and disease control for farms, landscapes, and gardens, today's standout is PureSpray Green. It's an organic (OMRI) all-in-one solution that works on all flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Can be sprayed indoors and out and PureSpray Green is OK to use right up until the day of harvest. Feel good about PureSpray Green - it has been tested and used by professional farmers and growers worldwide.

Manufactured using a patented process that produces 99.9 pure, crystal clear oil. Reduces the risk of phytotoxicity (leaf burn). The only spray oil listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production in the National Organic Program. Scientifically proven to work as well as (or better than) synthetic chemical pesticides on insects and pathogens. Supported by researcher tests at Cornell University, University of California, and University of Florida. Food quality "Quick-Break" emulsifier for more targeted leaf coverage. Apply throughout the growing season up to 95F, under label instructions for proper use. When done, it biodegrades, leaving no harmful chemical residues. Priced per 2 1/2 gallon container.

PureSpray GREEN Concentrate has been used by commercial and organic growers for close to two decades for protecting their high value crops. Now, that same effective insect control is available to you.

• You can use PureSpray GREEN Concentrate early in the season (including dormancy) to prevent insect problems from developing, without damaging early emerging plants.

• Use PureSpray GREEN Concentrate on ornamental plants, shade trees and shrubs through the summer, right up to harvest without worry.

• Quickly controls pests and disease. It removes harmful insects, insect eggs, and pathogens, while being mild on beneficial insects.

• Has the lowest level of toxicity of any competitive spray oil product on the market.

• Scientifically proven to work as well as, or better than, synthetic chemical pesticides on a variety of crops including: tomatoes, grapes, apples, and pears, plums and citrus fruit to name a few.

• EPA Registered—Each component of the formulation meets or exceeds ‘Pharmaceutical/Food grade’ quality standards.

• Provides the flexibility of year-round use (between 32°F and 95°F )—right up to harvest time!

• Compatible with virtually all water types and hardness.

• Virtually odorless and readily biodegradable†.

• Many harmful pesticides are being delisted, your choices are becoming more limited. Be sure to choose the purest — PureSpray Green™.

How it Works

PureSpray GREEN Concentrate uses the latest technology in horticultural spray oils to rid your garden of harmful pests in two easy steps:

• Suffocates insects that are present on plants by blocking their airflow through a non-toxic process.

• Prevents further damage by coating the plant, making the surface unfamiliar to insects so they don't attach themselves to it.

"A home valued at $150,000 with lawn only could be worth $8,250 to $19,050 more with a landscape of color and large plants. The multi-state study found minimal landscapes (simple design with small plants) detracted from the value.  Research data showed home price premiums increased 6 to 7 percent for home landscapes upgraded from good to excellent and 4 to 5 percent for an upgrade from average to good. Combined, a landscape upgrade from average to excellent increases home value by 10 to 12 percent."  Turf Magazine, 2016