How do charitable donations work?

When you purchase any product, a predefined percentage (5% or more) of the product's price will be donated to charity.  You will always see the donation amount highlighted in green next to each product's price.

When viewing your cart, the total amount to be donated is calculated and displayed beside your order total. The cart page is also where you will select the charity you wish to donate to, via the drop down menu near the bottom of the page.   If your charity does not appear in the drop down menu, you may add it with at least the minimum information of name, city and state. Full addresses, phone numbers and e-mail are appreciated but, otherwise we'll research it and add the needed information.

You also have option to specify how you want your name to appear to the charity, by editing the field labelled "From". Note that by default, all donations are anonymous, so don't forget to enter your name if you want the charity to know who you are!

Finally, you may enter an optional memo, which will be sent to the charity via e-mail along with notification of your donation.

Note that when you submit your order, you will receive two emails. The first is simply a confirmation of your order. The second is a receipt for your donation. It includes the amount donated, the charity you donated to, and any additional details your provided (such as the memo).

I have received a charitable donation. How do I spend it?

When a donation is made to your charity's account, you will receive an email notification. The email contains the donation details, including the donation amount and who it is from. It will also contain your total account balance (i.e., the total unused donations you have received).
Finally, an OhhMyGoodness.com gift card will be created that you can use during checkout to pay for some or all of your order. To use your gift card, simply enter the code provided to you in the email at any point during the checkout process.

If you prefer to receive your donation as cash, once your gift card balance reaches $100 or more, you may submit a disbursement request to receive the balance in cash. In the meantime, you can use all or part of your gift card balance to pay for your orders on OhhMyGoodness.com!

 Still have questions?

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