Charitable Donations

A meaningful portion of every product or service price on OhhMyGoodness is allocated for charitable donation.  The vast majority of our products carry a 5% or greater charitable contribution.  

At checkout, you must identify the charity you are donating to from a pull down menu or you may send us the information to add your charity.  Only charities whose address is within the United States or its territories are eligible. assumes no responsibility as to whether or not your added charity is a legitimate IRS-recognized charity or non-profit organization.   You must also indicate, via a pull down menu, whether you permit OhhMyGoodness to reveal your name or you opt to remain anonymous to your donated-to charity.    After completing your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail which defines your purchases, your selected charity, and your total charitable donation.   In January of the subsequent year, you (as a consumer or a business customer) may print a report summary for tax purposes of your previous year charitable donations.

When your order payment has cleared OhhMyGoodness' bank, your charitable donation(s) are transferred into a separate, escrow bank account for all charities.  The responsible person at your charity (e.g. school principal) is notified via e-mail of all donations to your charity that day and the cumulative total of the charity's donations, including past donations less any monies already spent by your charity.   Your charitable donations remain yours, under exclusive OhhMyGoodness management, until redeemed by or disbursed to your charity.  Charitable donations are not refundable to any individual or third party and may only be reallocated to another charity at the exclusive discretion of OhhMyGoodness.

To facilitate transferring donations to a charity, OhhMyGoodness issues each charity an OhhMyGoodness gift card.   All future donations by any customer to  the same charity are attributed to its OhhMyGoodness gift card.   Each charity may spend its available gift card value on at any time AND/OR a charity may request, in writing, disbursement of some or all of its funds once their OhhMyGoodness gift card value equals or exceeds $ 100.  Disbursement of funds are only made via ACH bank transfer from the OhhMyGoodness charities escrow bank account to a confirmed bank account owned by the charity.  Each charity is solely responsible for OhhMyGoodness purchases using its available gift card funds and purchases may only be delivered to the charity's responsible person at the charity's address on file.  Charitable donations from purchases paid for using a charity's OhhMyGoodness gift card can only be attributed back to the charity's OhhMyGoodness gift card.

Should any charity or other organization refuse all or any portion of its donation funds and/or abandons the available funds on its OhhMyGoodness gift card for a period of two or more years from the date of the last transaction (i.e. date of donation adding value to or redemption deducting value from the gift card), OhhMyGoodness reserves the exclusive right at its sole discretion to reallocate the full value of the charity's available funds to an IRS recognized charity.