OhhMyGoodness.com is a NJ family owned and operated business.   Mom teaches 3rd grade in a local public school.   The children, now adults, participated in a variety of youth sports programs and environmental and citizenry organizations.   Dad often spearheaded the fund raising.  Collectively, we work hard and we give back. OhhMyGoodness.com is the evolution of our giving back. We help and encourage others to give to their community and their favorite charities without the burden of spending more than they otherwise would for the products and services they already buy. 

Competitively, OhhMyGoodness.com are exceptionally skilled evaluators and buyers of superior products.   We know how to source high quality goods at costs which enables OhhMyGoodness to sell at or below prices charged by Amazon, Walmart, Costco or other merchants while still enabling you to donate a far greater percentage of your spend to your charity. 

Get Great Value, Give to your Worthy Cause!

Some of our products you've previously never had the opportunity to purchase because they were only sold to industry insiders.   Times have changed.  Please don't let any stark, professional packaging or use instructions intimidate you... they're vastly superior products.   We buy and sell them at great prices because there is lower cost in package graphics and no consumer advertising. 

Many other OhhMyGoodness products are not recognizable brands.  They're mostly from little known, small or regional, U.S. manufacturers producing exceptional quality goods.   We encourage you to give them a try... very, very few will ever be disappointed... more likely, they will thereafter be the only brand you buy for a while.


OhhMyGoodness.com is launching.  We continually add to our product and service offerings.  We will make mistakes.   We promise to be professional with you and always try to make it right for you.   We will improve.  We ask that you please be patient and work with us to grow a business that helps everyone stretch their budget, feed their families, and still afford to give to help others.

If you're wondering why "OhhMyGoodness."   When you experience our product quality, we want your reaction to be "OhhMyGoodness".   When you realize the availability of new, exclusive and hard-to-find products, "OhhMyGoodness".   When the price is lower than you expected and you're still able to donate, "OhhMyGoodness".   And when your charity receives your generous donation, you will hear their surprised, sincere appreciation "OhhMyGoodness"!