Barenbrug Turf Blue Pro Kentucky Blue Grass Seed 50 lbs

Barenbrug Turf Blue Pro HGT Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

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From Wimbledon to Augusta Natl, Pebble Beach to Wembley, FNB, Eden Park, Camp Neu, San Siro, Maracana, & El Monumental... Barenbrug is THE grass seed grown on the finest athletic fields and golf courses around the world.   Barenbrug... "Mes que un semilla de hierba" (more than a grass seed). 

OhhMyGoodness offers professional landscape products... seed, fertilizer, insecticides / herbicides... at great value to make your lawn the best in the neighborhood.   OhhMyGoodness also sells landscape and fruit trees and shrubs as well as all the needed fertilizers and insecticides / herbicides for vibrant health to make them flourish!   You must treat both the soil and the plant for great results!

Give your turf the best representation possible with Barenbrug Turf Blue Pro Kentucky bluegrass. For dark green, disease-resistant turf that will hold up under the strictest of cross- examinations, Turf Blue Pro simply can't be beat. Barrister is extremely dark in color and forms a dense turf. Excellent low mowing tolerance and beautiful winter color make Turf Blue Pro highly suitable for fairways and athletic fields. High disease resistance and low maintenance characteristics make Turf Blue Pro highly desirable for your home lawns. Turf Blue Pro is superb for sod production by itself or in a blend.
  • Top rated NTEP variety
  • Excellent dark green color
  • Magnificent variety for all geographical regions Fine leaf texture
  • High turf density throughout the year
  • Good disease resistance
  • Excellent close mowing tolerance