La Colombe Rouge Coffee 12 oz bag
La Colombe Rouge Coffee 12 oz bag
La Colombe Rouge Coffee 12 oz bag
fun meme - listen, before I had my Rouge coffee, I didn't know how awesome I was going to be today, either
fun cartoon - cat is smiling from the first sip of Rouge coffee on Monday morning
La Colombe Rouge Coffee 5 lb bag

La Colombe Rouge Coffee

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Blend Notes
Rouge is a seasonal medium roast with a warm sweetness that's sophisticated and cultured. Hints of cherries, soft caramel, apples, and currants permeate the smooth flavor and aroma of this amazing coffee. Made entirely with fair trade and organic-certified coffees from Ethiopia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and Rwanda. Rouge is a toasty espresso blend of organic and sustainably grown coffee that quickly becomes a favorite.

Blend Ingredients:
Crafted with specialty, organic and responsibly-grown coffee beans from Ethiopia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Rwanda.

Available in 12 oz bag, 48 oz (3lbs), 5 lb Bag