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Lavender Vera is a versatile plant. Its uses range from ornamental to medicinal to culinary. Lavender's fragrance is used for oils, aromatics, and candle making. Can be dried for decorating. Works well as a potted plant, in mass, in a small rock garden or herb garden. Easy to grow.

Beautiful -- Once established, this beautiful perennial herb is drought tolerant. Frequently used as a stunning addition to borders and perennial gardens. Fragrant flowers and foliage have many culinary and household uses.

  • Joyful Perennial; Lavender is a perennial and once established will add beauty and joy to your herb garden and landscape beds for years to come.
  • Wonderful Scent Fresh or Dried -- The smell of lavender is wonderful and calming. Growing your own will give you a bountiful harvest to enjoy outside in the garden and inside your home.
  • Instructions -- Lavender is naturally slow to germinate. Improve the odds by cold stratifying the seed. Sprinkle seed onto a wet paper towel, fold the towel, and place it in a plastic bag. Put the bag in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 weeks. After that, sow the seed, just barely covering with soil. Provide plenty of light and warmth, and ensure the soil stays moist.