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TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide
TZone SE Herbicide

TZone SE Herbicide

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TZone SE Herbicide for Turf, Rapid control of tough broadleaf weeds

T Zone SE combines the active ingredients Triclopyr, Sulfentrazone, 2, 4-D and Dicamba acid for a broadleaf herbicide to kill tough and robust weeds. T-Zone SE provides an effective cool-weather formulation (as low as 50°F) in a quick knock-down product. T-Zone SE kills wild violet, ground ivy, oxalis, clover, and the toughest broadleaf weeds in turf, and provides suppression of young and actively growing yellow nutsedge. T-Zone SE is rainfast in 3 hours

How T-Zone SE Works- A Combination of Herbicides For Controlling A Wide Spectrum Of Tough and Susceptible Weeds

1. The Triclopyr in T-Zone SE is a broad-spectrum weed killer for tough weeds like ground ivy, wild violet, oxalis and wild blackberry. The Triclopyr also broadens the spectrum of weed control to include woody and hard-to-control species.

2. The Sulfentrazone in T-Zone interrupts the chlorophyll production, causing the cell membranes to rupture; desiccation and yellowing occur. The Sulfentrazone provides effective and rapid weed control for both common and tough weed species such as spurge, white clover, and dandelion. With the Sulfentrazone, you can weed injury rapidly, with death occurring in 10-14 days.

3. The 2,4-D in T-Zone is a plant growth regulator and is absorbed through the leaves and translocates to the points of growth in the weed and causes the weed to curl and twist, leading to death.

4. Lastly, the Dicamba provides multiple modes of actions for hard-to-kill weeds as it is absorbed through the leaves and roots.

Target Pest

Weeds controlled (but not limited to) include: Bindweed, Black Medic, Chickweed ,Clover, Creeping, Beggarweed, Dandelion, Ground Ivy, Lespedeza, Oxalis, Plaintain Poison, Ivy Poison Oak, Speedwell, Spurge, Thistles, Wild Violet, Woodsorrel

Active Ingredient (s) 2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester 29.32% Dicamba 2.22% Sulfentrazone 0.66% Triclopyr, butoxyethyl ester 7.72%
For Use :

Ideal for use on:  Residential lawns,Commercial lawns , Golf courses (fairways and roughs)

  • Fescue - tall, red and fine leaf
  • Bluegrass - Kentucky and annual
  • Ryegrass - annual and perennial
  • Bahiagrass (dormant)
  • HybridBermudagrass (dormant)
  • Zoysiagrass (dormant)
  • Note: Do not apply to above listed warm-season turfgrass unless turf injury can be tolerated

"A home valued at $150,000 with lawn only could be worth $8,250 to $19,050 more with a landscape of color and large plants. The multi-state study found minimal landscapes (simple design with small plants) detracted from the value.  Research data showed home price premiums increased 6 to 7 percent for home landscapes upgraded from good to excellent and 4 to 5 percent for an upgrade from average to good. Combined, a landscape upgrade from average to excellent increases home value by 10 to 12 percent."  Turf Magazine, 2016